Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ten Months

Oh my goodness...Nolin is ten months old! 

February 26, 2012 - Ten Months Old
She is still on the move!  She can be all the way across the house in two seconds flat!  One of Nolin's favorite things to do now is close herself in the bathroom, while she plays peek-a-boo with the door.  Then she gets mad when she closes the door & she is in the dark!  :)

This month, Nolin has gotten better on her feet behind the walker toy.  She doesn't let it slide out in front of her as much as before.  She is also able to stand on her own now!  She is even taking steps while holding onto our hands.  I don't think it will be long until she is walking by herself!

Nolin has really gotten into imitating everything.  She loves laughing when we laugh.  It is so funny, because she doesn't know what she is laughing at!  She will imitate all kinds of noises & even some actions.  One of the funniest noises that Nolin makes is like a dinosaur noise.  Paul calls it her Valasarapter voice.  We really should get it on video!  This month Nolin has been doing a lot of sputtering with her mouth & a lot of clicking again. 

We haven't spotted any new teeth this month.  She still won't let us touch her gums, so it is hard to tell!  If I had to guess by the way she is acting & drooling, I would say we should see one or two soon though. 

Nolin still eats anything we give her.  I sure hope she keeps this up!  I am also still breastfeeding.  If I don't hold my shirt up while she is nursing, Nolin will hold it up.  It is really cute!  :)  A lot of the time I hold Nolin's paci in my mouth while she nurses.  This way I have it if she wants it.  She has gotten so used to it being there that she will reach for it & take it without even looking.  If I don't have it in my mouth she feels around & then looks at me like, "Hello...where's my paci?" 

My favorite time with Nolin right now is in the morning when she nurses before I leave for work.  She is so cute & happy in the morning.  She just looks at me & giggles when she nurses.  She even plays with my hair.  :)  I also love this time before she has messy hair & it is too adorable!  She is just getting hair long enough that it sticks up in the morning.

Nolin is signing a little bit, but not regularly.  She has done the signs for "more" & "milk".  She definitely recognizes them when we do them, but she doesn't always do them for us. 

We also have a little chatty girl on our hands.  She loves to jibber jabber.  :)  She goes around saying a lot of "Momma", "Dadda", & now she says "Bubba".  She knows she is talking about Kai when she says it!  She just smiles & laughs at him!

Speaking of Kai, Nolin adores him!  Whenever he barks, she crawls into the room to see what he is barking about.  She will even "bark" with him.  It is so funny!  She also loves to pull-up to the couch to talk to him when he is lying down.  These two are big buddies!

Nolin started waving hello & goodbye this month.  It is soooo cute!  She flails her hand around & will sometimes say "bye" & "hi".  Then she will stick her straight stiff arm up in the air & lay her head on it.  I absolutely love it!!

Nolin is into everything...

She also can open the pantry doors on her own now!

This month Nolin also got her first pair of New Balance tennis shoes & Carthart overalls!

She also got a fun new cardboard box "cottage".  We can't wait until she gets a little older to color it!  She loves it already, though...

Here are some other fun things Nolin is doing this month:
  • She hated baths for about a month, because she drank the water & got it up her nose.  Luckily, baths are fun again now!
  • She fusses when she can't do something.  But she keeps trying, so she has perseverance!  :)  She definitely is a bit of a drama queen, though!
  • Sometimes she will shake her head "no" when she knows I don't want her to do something. 
  • When she doesn't have pants on, she will sometimes walk on all fours, instead of crawling on her knees.  She doesn't like the hard floor!
  • She loves playing with the doorstop & in the bathroom drawers.
  • She will lay her head on the floor randomly & smile.  It is really cute!  Sometimes she will do it when I put her down & she doesn't want to be put down.  It's like a mini fit!  :)
  • She sometimes crawls around & wollers on blankets on the floor.  The only thing we can figure out is that she is fixing her bed, like she sees Kai do! 
  • She plays with her tongue in her mouth now.  I think she is discovering her teeth. 
  • She still loves giving kisses!  Now she will stick her tongue out to give a kiss & say, "mmmmm".  It is so sweet. 
  • She is not so sure about grass.  You can read about that here.
  • She loves having naked time after her baths!

Nolin still loves dancing! :)


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