Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not a Fan of the Green Stuff!

This past Thursday we enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather.  Paul & I decided to take advantage of it by spending a little bit of time outside with Nolin & Kai after work.   Nolin hasn't been in the grass much, since she was so young last summer.  So this was the first time she could really spend some time in the grass.  Well, here's what she thought of it...

I'm not sure, but I don't think she liked it!  ;)

Of course we had to take a video, you know, for memories sake...

Nolin it not usually one to sit still, but when we sat her in the grass she sure did!  She wanted to crawl, but she would lean forward & then throw her hands up because she did not want to touch the grass.  We thought we would take this time to work on walking, but she wasn't too happy with us at that point.  All she wanted was the ink pen Momma was holding in her mouth.  :)

Hopefully this won't last long!  We hope to spend lots of time outside this summer!

By the way, in case you couldn't hear, Kai says hello!  :)


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