Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nine Months

Nolin is nine months old!  These monthly photo shoots are getting harder with my little wiggly worm!

January 26, 2012 - Nine Months Old
She is still on the move!  The girl is not afraid to go anywhere.  She crawls all over the house, whether we are with her or not.  She is super fast too, so we have to be on our toes!  She loves to play chase.  If she is crawling & hears our footsteps behind her, she will take off like lightening.  Then she will sit up & look at us with the biggest grin for a few seconds.  Then, she speeds off again, so we will chase her.  I love it!!  She is also crawling over things & learning to climb.  She even figured out how to climb on the dishwasher door, which Daddy loves!  :)

Nolin is pulling up on things like a pro now.  She even cruises around the furniture.  She is getting more stable & even standing for a couple of seconds on her own.  Just this past week, Nolin also started standing & walking behind a walker toy.  She isn't quick on her feet, so the wheels roll faster than she does.  When she falls down, she just crawls behind it & pushes it.  She is super fast that way!  It seems like my girl will be walking in no time...

Nolin is a big laugher now.  She just giggles & laughs at everything.  She also loves talking.  I just love hearing her sweet little voice.

Recently Nolin's little chin has been red & raw.  I guess it is a combination of slobber, food, & the colder weather.  I hope it doesn't last long.  I know it doesn't feel good.  I'm sure a lot of this is due to teething.  I just felt her first top tooth tonight!  It is already poking through!  You can see those cute little bottom teeth good now, though...  In fact, I received my first nursing bite recently.  I will just say - OUCH!!!

Nolin's favorite new food is yogurt.  She gets so excited when she eats yogurt.  It is so fun to watch.  She rocks & makes the cutest little noise.  Nolin also tried eggs for the first time this month.  Paul made scrambled eggs with spinach - yuck!  She ate them, though!  Maybe next time we just need plain old scrambled eggs...

Nolin still loves strawberries, so this cute hat she got for Christmas is very fitting...

I am still breastfeeding Nolin.  She nurses several times a day & also eats three meals.   When Nolin finishes nursing she likes to lean over & give me zerberts on my belly.  It's really funny!  Nolin has also started throwing her pacifier.  After she finishes nursing, she will sometimes take her pacifier to fall asleep.  However, lately she will suck on it for a few seconds & then throw it across the room.  It is funny, but can be stressful when I am trying to put her to sleep. 

This month Nolin did her first sign!  She is now signing "more".  It started out sort of like a clap, but now she is beginning to put her fingertips together.  She signs "more" for just about everything we do!  I think right now it means that she is happy & enjoying what she is doing.  :)

Nolin & Daddy have danced together since from day one.  Now we have family dance parties.  Nolin gets so excited.  It is the cutest thing!  She wiggles, throws her hands in the air, & even tries to snap like Daddy.  :)  She also points her pointer finger up in the air a lot when dancing!  When Nolin is on the floor & we start music, she will shake her butt.  It is soooo funny!  I can't believe she is dancing like that already!

One of the most amazing things we have seen this month is more imitation.  Paul lays in the floor & stretches every day.  Recently Nolin has started laying flat on the floor with her face down.  Then she will push her arms up & stretch her head back, like the yoga pose "up dog".  It took us a couple of days to figure out that she was imitation Daddy!  

For Christmas Nolin also got a wagon.  She absolutely loves it!  We have used it on a couple of family walks outside, but we mostly use it in the house right now.  She just sits in it while we roll around the house in a circle.  She giggles & rocks while she rides.  :)

Nolin LOVES giving kisses now!  Sometimes she even offers them on her own.  It melts my heart!  I know that Daddy absolutely loves it also!  :)  Most of the time she has her mouth open, or she sticks her tongue out.  It is super cute!

Here are some of Nolin's other favorite new things this month:
  • opening & shutting doors & drawers - she could do this for hours
  • taking things apart/out & then throwing them on the floor - soooo much fun!
  • playing in Kai's water bowl
  • banging on empty dog bowls - the noise is neat!
  • rubbing her feet together to kick her shoes off
  • sticking her finger in her paci & chewing on it - the funny thing is that it makes her mad!
  • morning cuddles & play time in bed with Mommy & Daddy
  • pushing anything she can around the house 
  • riding in the grocery cart
  • playing at the vents on the floor - she takes them out of the floor...
I spent my first entire day as a single Mom this month while Paul went to the Whitehouse for a meeting/conference.  He left very early in the morning & returned home late that night.  We let Kai stay the night before at Dog's Day Out, so he wouldn't be home alone all day.  This was an experience for me.  It made me super thankful for my very involved husband!  Usually Paul takes Nolin to the sitter's house, since I go to work earlier than him.  He also picks her up most days, since my work is farther away.  So, luckily Dacia took Nolin earlier while Paul was gone.  I actually made it out the door forgetting only two things - deodorant & earrings!  LOL.  It could have been worse!  :)  We even managed to make Daddy a sign in the evening to let him know how proud we are of him...

Nolin recently experienced her first snow day.  She was only out in it for a few minutes.  She wasn't really sure what to think about it.  When I put her down on the deck, she just sat & stared.  She tried crawling in it a bit, but she could hardly move in her cute little snow suit (also a Christmas present).  She will love the snow soon, I'm sure!

Kai & Nolin are big buddies now.  He tries to play with her a lot.  She wants to play with him too.  Kai will be super excited when Nolin can actually throw a ball.  :)

Nolin has also started crawling in Kai's crate to play...


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