Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five Months

Nolin Leigh is five months old!

September 26, 2011 - Five Months Old
My girl is so big!!  It amazes me to see her sitting in her bouncy seat & car seat now.  She takes up so much more room.  I'm afraid if I blink she will be full grown!

She is starting to get peach fuzz on her head.  :)  New hair is coming in.  It is hard to see though, b/c it is super blonde!

Nolin is so close to getting around on her own.  She is such a wiggler!  She still sits in her Bumbo seat, but she is constantly squirming around trying to get out.  She really just wants to go.  A couple of days after turning four months, Nolin started rolling over from her back to her belly consistently.  It was funny for a while because she would roll over to her belly & then get mad because she was on her belly!  Nope - she is still not a big fan of tummy time.  For a while I would have to wake up at night to turn her back over onto her back & that was not necessarily something to look forward to.  :)  Haha!  Just this past week Nolin started rolling from her belly to her back, though.  So she rolls in straight lines to get where she's going.  It won't be long until we have a baby on the go!

Not only is Nolin rolling over consistently, but she is also able to sit up for short periods on her own.  She is still not completely stable, but she is getting there!

We thought Nolin was talking before, but she is really talking now & she is very loud!  I guess I had it coming, considering she is my daughter!  :)  She has also found a squeal.  That is her favorite way to communicate right now.  It is cute, but boy I hope she learns to use words one day!  :)

Nolin is such a happy girl.  She loves to smile & laugh.  She is at such a fun stage.

Not only does Nolin hold on to & play with her feet, now she eats them!  I knew it was coming.  It makes diaper changes pretty difficult!  She doesn't like for us to take her feet away from her to get the diapers on.  I recently wised up & give her a toy to hold during diaper changes.  This is a lifesaver!  Although, now she is grabbing the toy with one hand & a foot with the other.  I guess I need to be handing her two toys - one for each hand!

She still wants to put everything into her mouth.  She also wants to grab everything now.  You can hand her one of her toys, but she wants whatever you have in your hand.  She is starting to try to dive out of your arms, so it is important to have a good hold on her. 

Nolin is still drooling a lot.  When we went to her four month check-up, the doctor informed me that she "may or may not be teething."  I thought that was pretty helpful!  LOL - duh!  Tell me the other options, doc!  :)

For a while now, I have been putting Nolin down for naps on the bed.  She would nurse & then falls asleep.  Sometimes I would even nap with her.  But now that she is becoming such a mover, I am putting her in her crib.  So far she is doing great taking her naps in the crib - that is when she takes them!  Sometimes she refuses to nap, which means an early bed time...  

Everything continues to go well at the sitter & I am doing well pumping at work.  It definitely takes time & commitment, but it is worth it for my baby.

Lastly, Nolin absolutely loves Kai now.  She just watches him & smiles & laughs.  I think they are going to be best friends...

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