Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now That I'm a Mom - Part 2

  • My shirt is typically covered in slobber.
  • I bite nails - not my own, but Nolin's. Those suckers are hard to clip!
  • I've discovered that a pacifier can fall & bounce into the strangest places.
  • I've learned the importance of keeping extra pacifiers on hand.
  • I smell like maple syrup - thanks Fenugreek!  :)
  • I look forward to weekends so much more.
  • I'm constantly trying to figure out my little one - she changes so often.
  • I don't care if my ponytail or nails are perfect like I used to. Who has time for that?!
  • My days revolve around naps.
  • Nolin's bowel movements determine the tone of the day.
  • I am gaining more muscle in my arms - thanks to the car seat & growing baby!
  • Milestones are the most exciting events.
  • I rush home at the end of the day.
  • Baby items can be found in every room of the house.
  • I carry a stuffed monkey in my pocket.  (LOL, not really - Paul does that so Nolin will always have a toy!)
  • I have learned to do most things with one arm, while holding Nolin in the other.
  • I only watch movies at home, which means we never see newly released movies.
  • I rarely see my friends.
  • Game nights no longer exist (at least for now).
  • I am almost never alone!
  • I am not allowed to be sick. 
  • I no longer have lesson plans prepared for months to come.  I'm lucky if the week is planned!
  • I hold Kai's ears in the morning when he gets up & shakes, so they don't flop & wake up Nolin!
  • I pick noses - Nolin's, that is!  Ewwwee...
  • We turn down invites to go places if it is after 7 pm.  (One day we'll join the social world again!)
  • My heart breaks so much more when I see tears in any little girl's eyes.
  • When little kids in my class cry because they miss their moms, I feel like crying with them because I miss my baby!
  • It no longer matters what I want - someone else comes first & I'm happy to have it that way!

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