Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nockout Nolin - Future Roller Derby Skater

Nolin is ready to get started in roller derby.  She even has a derby name - Nockout Nolin!  Hopefully she will follow in her Mommy's footsteps & be a skater for VCRD one day!

Paul & I both love roller derby for so many reasons. For one, we love the community. There is such a diverse group of different personalities & different backgrounds in Vette City Roller Derby, but everyone just seems to fit. It's a place where people who may never otherwise be together, come together. Second, roller derby is about strong women. It empowers women & helps build confidence. Third, it is great exercise & it is just plain fun!

We want Nolin to become a strong woman when she grows up. We want her to be confident in herself. We know that roller derby can help her achieve these things!  But until she is old enough, she will just have to be a fan!  :)

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