Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perfect Together

There are two things that I tell Paul quite often:
  1. We are perfect together - no one else in their right minds would put up with either of us!
  2. We need a reality TV show. 
Anyone who knows us knows that I am a kindergarten teacher & Paul is an assistant professor.  We both teach, so that is something very important that we have in common.  We both understand the importance of education & want to make a difference in our students' lives.  However, that is where the similarities stop in regards to our careers & how our days are spent.  I teach 5 year-olds & Paul teaches adults!  I teach students how to behave at school so they can learn, how to count, how to read, etc.  Paul teaches his students how to make a difference in the world & how to become responsible citizens.  (Now I would say that I am teaching my students those things also, just in a different way.) 

Since our days are spent with individuals of such different ages, you can imagine that we have interesting conversations when we get home every evening.  My stories of a day in kindergarten are much different than Paul's stories of a day at a University!  We both always have so much to say, that sometimes it is hard to have an in-depth conversation.  We kind of just spit out our information/stories back & forth!  But somehow this works for us. 

Outside of the differences in our careers, we are both just odd people!  I'm sure our family & friends would agree.  However, I actually believe that I was quite normal until I met Paul.  :)  He is one strange guy!  But I love that about him, because I know he is being himself.  I would not want a husband who could not be himself around me!  I also love Paul's humor.  Luckily mine is very similar - or our marriage probably wouldn't work!  Another very important thing that I love about Paul is his creativity.

Last night after I went to bed, he worked on making my "reality TV" idea as real as it will ever be.  He woke me up to show me a video that he had created & I had the best laugh I have had in a long time!  I realize this may not be as funny to other people as it is to us or even those that know us very well.  But, it is a pretty accurate spoof of some of our conversations!  (Note: Not all of our conversations are this way!  We do have real conversations!  I think that communication is very important for a marriage to be successful.)

I guess I should say - I am super thankful that my husband loves me!  :)


  1. I can see Paul as real as life in this. So funny and so true for both of you. Nolin has got a lot to look forward to.

  2. This is Ryan Johnson(Mattie Johnson's dad,Sarah's husband).Sarah told me to watch this, and I cried literally. It was hilariuos! Laughed so hard! I don't know your husband, but I can picture that conversation because it sounds like one of mine too!

  3. I love love love this! It is sooooo you Brandi!! I have tears in my eyes because this is the MOST halarious thing I have seen in forever! Great job Paul!!

  4. I absolutely love it! I was cracking up the whole time. Many of those things are appropriate for Beth and I as well. What can I say... we are pretty odd as well.

  5. So, i BARELY know you, and i think this is the absolute funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. I literally almost died i was laughing so hard!