Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cloth Diapering

Paul & I have discussed the option of cloth diapering for a while now.  When I first started looking into cloth diapers, it was very overwhelming!  Who knew there were so many options out there?!  There are tons of brands & even many different kinds of cloth diapers available. Turns out that cloth diapers are not what they used to be!   I was also very overwhelmed with even the process of using/cleaning cloth diapers.  It seemed so complicated.  So, the first day I spent researching cloth diapers ended with a headache & my hands thrown up in the air!  I thought there was no way I could get on board with this craziness!  However, we have friends who have been successful in using cloth diapers.  So, I went to them for their help.  Turns out that there is a wealth of good information out there & once I was pointed in the right direction, it seemed crazy not to use cloth diapers.  Not to mention, personal experiences of others' are extremely helpful! 

We want to use cloth diapers for several reasons.  First, we want to do our part in saving the environment & keeping the landfills from filling.  Second, we want to start teaching Nolin Leigh from day one the importance of respecting the earth & taking care of our environment.  Third, cloth diapering will save us money in the long run.  Fourth, cloth diapers are super cute & colorful!

After talking to others & doing some research, I think we are going to try the FuzziBunz brand.  I like several things about them.  They use snaps, which I have read lasts longer than hook & loop.  They have several different adjustments to get the size just right for the baby.  They offer a one-size diaper that can be used from birth to potty training.  They offer lots of different colors.  They have inserts that you can add for more absorbency.  Also, it turns out that friends of ours used this brand & they love it.

By no means, do we really know what we are getting into here!  But I feel much more educated & capable now.  I cannot wait to order these adorable little diapers for Nolin!  I am sure that we will have lots to learn when Nolin arrives & we begin using cloth diapers.  But that's what life is about, right?!  Life & learn!  :)  I will let you know how it works out for us...

Anyone else out there use cloth diapers?  Tell us about your experience!  We want to learn all that we can now to hopefully prevent hiccups later!


  1. Cloth diapers have come a long way since used on Paul for a period of time about 36 years ago. I think this is a great thing to do...some would think it to be too much work..but give it a try.

  2. my fried uses them with her twins. you can check out her blog, i think she has some of her posts labeled so you can look through the ones on diapering.

  3. I thinks it's awesome that you're doing this. I'll be happy to contribute as a gift.