Monday, January 10, 2011

Pregnancy So Far

I haven't written about my pregnancy in general up to this point.  So I thought I would write about how it has been going so far (currently 24 weeks). 

20 Weeks
As I wrote in a previous post, I found out that I was pregnant pretty early.  There were two or three weeks after that when I was actually asking for pregnancy symptoms!  I didn't have any changes in my belly or my boobs (unfortunately!).  I wasn't feeling sick.  The only thing I felt was a little tired.  But, that is not too different for me after a day's work anyway!  :) 

Well, at 7 weeks, it hit me hard - morning sickness, that is.  Although, it was really "all day sickness"!  At this point, I did not really want to eat anything except bland foods, like a potato or oatmeal.  It seemed like nothing else sat well on my stomach.  I (apologies ahead of time) vomited almost once a day & unfortunately I was unable to clean it up (if I didn't make it to the restroom)!  Luckily I have a wonderful husband who took very good care of me & cleaned up after me!  There was one week when Kai & I were both sick, so Paul had it really rough then.  Outside of the nausea, I was also very tired.  We moved a camping chair into the bathroom for me to use when getting ready.  I just couldn't stay on my feet!  Acid reflux was also a good friend of mine at this point.  To say the least, I was miserable & didn't see an end in sight! 

Around 14 weeks, I finally started to feel better.  I was no longer nauseous & I didn't need the chair to get ready anymore.  For a while, the acid reflux was even gone.  At this point, I was also able to feel a flutter or two, that I was pretty sure was the baby.

At 17 weeks I was feeling the baby for sure!  It was the strangest thing feeling flutters inside my belly!  Paul would tell me it was gas, but at 19 weeks he could actually put his hand on my belly to feel it for himself!  At this point, I started to worry when I hadn't felt the baby for a while. 

At 20 weeks I had a boost of energy (finally)!  I have been surprised actually that I haven't needed as much sleep as usual.  However, I do still enjoy naps when I get them.  I figure I should sleep now, while I can.  I only have a few more months to rest up!  I suppose it is a good thing that I don't need as much sleep, because there are times that I have some difficulty sleeping.  It seems as though I will wake up for about an hour many nights & not be able to go back to sleep right away.  Maybe this is practice for the nighttime feedings!  Outside of sleeping, other people could finally tell that I was pregnant at 20 weeks!  My belly started to pooch out a little bit.  Since then, there has been consistent growth (in my belly only, that is!) - sometimes it seems overnight!

Right now at 24 weeks, I feel pretty good.  The only real complaints I have are the acid reflux that bothers me at night & the aches/pains that come from sleeping on my left side all night!  I guess I have been pretty lucky to not have round ligament pain.  Also I'm lucky to have no signs of stretch marks so far - fingers crossed it stays that way!  I am finally breaking down & wearing some maternity clothes, but not always.  I don't want to get tired of them!  :)

Check out the pictures below to see the belly growth:

20 Weeks
22 Weeks
24 Weeks

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