Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kai - Our First Child

Anyone that knows us, knows that Kai (our weimaraner puppy - not so much a puppy anymore!) is our first child.  Paul & I brought Kai home after being married for two years.  Since then, we are inseparable!  Kai goes everywhere he can with us.  If public places allowed dogs inside, we would never be without Kai!  He is such a good dog & our lives would be so different without him.  To the outsider, Kai may seem a little wild, but he really is so well-behaved with us.  Weims just have a lot of love & energy! 

Of course, Kai's life is about the change, just as ours is.  But we hope to keep his life from drastically changing - meaning that he will still be going with us as much as possible & he will still be allowed to be on the couch, etc. Paul & I both feel that animals should play a big part in the raising of a child.  In Paul's words - Animals constantly remind humans who they are & that the world is with us, not for us.  We realize that it will take a lot of work when Tiny Markham comes home.  But we plan to let Kai be curious & hope that Tiny Markham will be cuddling on the couch with Kai in no time!

Kai is almost three years old & I hope that we have many more years with him.  I just wish dogs could live as long as their owners!  More than anything, I want Tiny Markham to know & love Kai as much as we both do.  

I have been a little sentimental lately - probably pregnancy hormones!  So I have started a memory book of the thousands of pictures we have of Kai.  He is so entertaining!  I plan to continue to add to the book, at least long enough to have pictures of Kai with Tiny Markham.  Then I will have it printed so we will forever have Kai with us, even after he is gone.  :(



  1. That's so sweet. I can confidently say that I know how you feel about Kai. His sister is just as delightful. We are both so lucky to have dogs from that litter. There's no doubt in my mind that Tiny will grow up to love and adore Kai too! If Kai was your trial run, there's no doubt that you and Paul will be excellent parents for your little baby-to-be.

  2. So Sweet. Kai is an exceptional dog and you guys will make great parents.

  3. The nurse told us to make sure we wrap our baby in a cheap blanket while at the hospital and give that to the dog before you bring the baby home. It helps them get used to the new smell. We don't have our dog anymore but many people said that helped the transition for the dog and the baby.

  4. love this post! our two dogs are definitely like our kids! (i posted on facebook about the transition we had.)

    when i used to talk about how much i loved my dogs, people used to tell me to wait until i had kids. and to be honest, it's different... but it's really not that different! i love all of my family members so much! that's husband, dogs, and baby!

  5. Very sweet and heartfelt words about KAI. I am so happy that you and Paul have given Kai a good home filled with love. I have always said that a person who loves animals is a special person. You both take "special" to another level. Grandbaby and Granddog are gonna make a great team. Love, time and patience will see to that. I said months ago that I would like someday "The Book of Kai" with his pictures along with your captions. Please put me on your list of copies when it happens. No doubt it would be a "best seller".