Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life After Television

Paul & I have made a decision to cut down on TV time in our household.  Up until recently, the TV has constantly been on if we were home.  This is mostly my fault, as I somehow think I need the "background noise".  Paul would rather listen to music all of the time, but for me music only seemed to be for the car.  Not to mention, we sometimes have a different taste for music.  However, about a month ago I put up the Christmas tree (yes, very early - it was like I was already nesting!).  So one night we turned off the TV, turned the Christmas tree lights on, lit a candle, & played some standards.  Paul even got me up to slow dance!  It was very sweet & romantic!  I'm not sure what did me in - the lighting, the dancing, or the combination; but ever since I have been sold on the music (even the standards, like Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra!).  It is really so peaceful & pleasant.  I now find myself wanting to turn off the TV & listen to music instead.  I feel like this change is growing mine & Paul's relationship, as well as setting a standard for what we want our home environment to be for Tiny Markham.  We know it may be difficult at times, but we plan to keep the TV off until Tiny Markham is possibly a toddler (at least while he/she is awake!  Thank goodness for DVR!).  We have many reasons for this & I do plan to post about it at another time.  But basically having the TV off invites an environment for music (which is very important to both Paul & me) & encourages more time spent together as a family.  It even encourages creativity, which you will see from the video below!  :) Since the TV has been off, Paul & I are spending more quality time together talking & enjoying other activities, such as cooking, writing, dancing, playing with Kai, etc.  We do still watch our favorite shows, but the TV is no longer running in the background.  This is a change I am very happy about.  Besides, how many times can I really watch every single episode of Beverly Hills 90210 from start to finish?!  :)

As for this change encouraging creativity, check this out - tonight's entertainment:

No, we are not always so serious!



  1. That. Video. Is. Hilarious. I have nothing more to say. :)

  2. I give it a 10 on creativity, song choice, and performance!! This needs to be on You-Tube! Love you both (and Tiny) so much!