Saturday, January 14, 2017

Josie Lynn - One Year Old

Josephine Lynn is ONE year old!!

Josie Lynn - One Year Old - January 14, 2017
Josie Lynn is seriously on the move! She is yet to walk on her own, but she knows how to get where she wants to get & fast! It's funny to see how fast she can crawl when she wants something.  She cruises the furniture really well now & pulls up & down like a pro. I doubt it will be too long before the girl is walking. Josephine also learned to crawl the stairs this last month. We hadn't given her much of a chance at home because our stairs are hardwood, but she crawled up the stairs at Nana & PopPop's in an instant! Now we really have to watch her b/c she will go to the staircase in an instant. Now it's time to teach her how to safely come down the stairs.

Josephine still only has 6 teeth - 4 on the top & 2 on the bottom. I have a feeling we will be getting more soon. I sure hope she handles them well though.

In regards to eating, Josie seems to be the best eater out of our three kiddos at this age. There's hardly anything that she won't eat. This is definitely a good thing, as I don't want her to be picky like Momma!

Even though she eats well, she is still a tiny little thing. A couple of days ago, I introduced cows milk to her & she drank it up like she has been drinking it for months. It was a lot harder to get her older siblings to drink cows milk! I was ready to pull out all of my tricks! I still plan to nurse Josie, but giving her some cows milk, might help chunk her up a little! :)

Josie does a few signs every now & then. Sometimes she will sign "more" when she's eating & sometimes she will sign "milk". We really don't do much with Baby Signing Time, so I should start doing more with her. I love when little ones sign.

Josie Lynn is a big talker now. She loves to babble! I absolutely love when she hears us talking to each other or yelling to one another in the next room, she starts yelling/talking too. She doesn't have a lot of words yet, but she is getting there. She has started saying "tickle" this month. It's the funniest & most random thing. :)

Josie thinks "no" is a funny word. I started trying to discipline her by teaching her the word no, but her reaction was always so cute & now it's just a funny game. ooops.  Third child problems. LOL

Here are some other things that Josie is doing this month:
  • She is little miss social. When we are out in public, she loves smiling & saying "hi" to everyone.
  • She scrunches her nose when she grins & it is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! She just lights up the room.
  • She has the best fine motor skills. She is so good using her little fingers & she loves putting things in & out of places. She is very meticulous about it.
  • On the weekends, I bring Josie to bed with us. After she nurses, she crawls over to Paul, gets in his face, & says "Hey Dada". Love her little voice!
  • Josie loves for you to chase her. She grins & takes off super fast.
  • Whenever she sees a cracked door, she gets to it in a heartbeat...girlfriend loves to escape! :)
  • One of her favorite things to play with at the moment is toilet paper. 
  • If Josie is upset in the car, Sia's "Cheap Thrills" will usually calm her down. It's one of her older siblings' favorite songs.
  • She loves shaking her head/booty with a good beat.
  • She loves sticking her tongue out! She sometimes just stops nursing, leans back, & sticks her tongue out at me! :) She also loves to mimic us when we stick our tongues out at her.
  • If you hand her a phone, she will hold it to her ear & say,  "hi".
  • She thinks it is super funny when I try to get her to say "Momma" & she responds with "Dada!"
Time sure has flown by with this sweet baby girl!

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