Thursday, October 6, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letters U & V

There isn't much going on with letters U & V, but we did a few things... We've also started some of our old favorite Halloween activities, as well as a few new ones...those will be posted soon! :)

U is for Umbrella
V is for Velcro
Our usual pattern block letters...

& our usual dobber letters... 

Harris made umbrellas out of muffin cups & I wrote numbers on the umbrellas. Then Harris counted that many rain drops to add to each umbrella.
V is for Vines - Harris matched upper & lowercase letters on this alphabet vine. 
Harris sorted letters & numbers, but soon decided he also wanted to sort by color. :)
We are practicing writing Harris' name & I found this cute sheet on Too bad we couldn't find another lowercase "r" to build Harris. LOL
V is for volcano! I made baking soda volcanos for the kids to erupt. First we painted them with liquid watercolors.
Then we added a little dish soap & vinegar to erupt the volcanos!

Then the kids had to completely demolish the volcanos! :)
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