Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter T

We just finished studying the Letter T!

T is for Tape!
Our usual dot letter T's.
& one of Harris' favorites...pattern block letters. 
T is for Transportation! Harris rolled a dice with different types of transportation on it & then filled in the graph. We really worked on holding the marker correctly. He is getting much better.
Number sorting - all of these cute transportation printables came from 1plus1plus1equals1.com
Harris sorted types of transportation - land, air, & water
Harris matched the types of transportation to the correct color word.
Sorting types of transportation for the sky & ground.
Harris counted pictures & circled the correct number.

Harris practiced cutting & pasting.

Then he cut out shapes & matched them.

T is for Tissue Art!
Harris made a rainbow bird!
T is for Tracing
Harris knows how to write the H in his name, but I haven't worked with him much on writing his whole name...

T is for Train! Harris & I worked together to complete our train puzzles - colors, numbers, & letters.
T is for Treasure Hunt - Harris followed clues & his treasure map, to find a special treasure chest!
X marks the spot!
Nothing beats a treasure of gummy fruit snacks!
Proud of his treasure chest! 
T is for Tossing - Harris & I tossed bean bags for fun!
Josie got a kick out of it!

Just because these two are so cute! :)
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