Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Eight Months Old

Josie Lynn is eight months old!

Josie Lynn - Eight Months - September 14, 2016
A lot has changed for Josephine in this past month. She is officially on the move! Josie is "crawling". She is doing the army crawl & it's the cutest, funniest thing ever. :)  Josie is our first child to start out crawling like this, so we love it. I wonder if she will eventually get up on her knees or if this will just be her thing? But either way, she is getting faster every day & she is going to have strong little arms from pulling herself around. Each kid has started crawling after one particular object...Josie's was a metallic purple brush of Nolin's. So random. :)

Josie is not yet pulling up on things, although she has pulled up on me once or twice. I think she will figure it out soon though. She enjoys standing when I help her do it. Josie is also not moving from lying down to sitting up yet. All to come soon...

Josephine still says Mamamama & Dadadada quite a bit. She is also saying the "b" sound some. But most of what she says are funny noises that she has picked up from Nolin & Harris. She has also become quite loud when she is playing...just lots of noise-making.

Big brother Harris & big sister Nolin are the funniest people in the world according to Josephine. They can really get her laughing. They just love her to death too...she can barely sit alone without one of them coming over to love on her & play with her. I'm excited to see what their relationships will be like as she gets older.

When Josie does get time to sit & play alone, she does so well. She is such a content little baby.

Another big milestone for Josephine this past month, was getting her first tooth! Boy, did we have a rough time leading up to this tooth. Josie stopped sleeping & was waking me every two to three hours again. It took a good while to get her back on track too. She was also such a cranky baby during the day for a few weeks. It was so unlike Josie! I sure hope every tooth won't be that bad! But now she has a cute little tooth on the bottom & I think the second one shouldn't be far behind.

Josie is a good little eater. She is just eating baby food for now, but she is not showing any signs of pickiness yet. So that is huge! Paul is very adamant about introducing her to tons of foods & flavors, so she won't be a picky eater. So far she eats any of the flavors we give her. Josie is also getting really good at her pincer grip by practicing with puffs. Before too long, we will introduce her to more finger foods.

I have already purchased Josephine's one year birthday outfit & Nolin just cannot wait. I keep having to explain to her that Josie won't be one for another four months! :)

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