Monday, September 12, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter S

S is for Snow Sprinkles!
Making the letter S with the dobbers.
Building the letter S with pattern blocks.
S is for Swat! I called out letters & Harris had to swat the correct letter with the fly swatter.
S is for Stickers - Harris counted the correct number of stickers to add to the numbers 1-10.

S is for Stamps - Harris identified letters on stamps & then stamped them next to their match.
S is for Starfish - Harris made a starfish out of cheerios.
S is for Spaghetti - Harris practiced using his fine motor skills to string cheerios onto spaghetti noodles.

S is for Salt Sculptures -
We've done these once before when I did lessons with Nolin. I found this neat idea on Fun at Home with Kids. You create salt sculptures with salt & water in things like sand castle toys. The kids found the sculptures before they were dry & didn't know what they were for, so one of them got crushed. :/
So they don't look as cool as they could, but we still had fun painting them!

S is for Snow Paint - here is Nolin's snowman
Harris made a snow monster.
S is for Scavenger Hunt
Taking a stroll around the park on our scavenger hunt...
Up next...letter T!
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