Sunday, August 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Seven Months Old

Josephine Lynn is seven months old!!

Josie Lynn - Seven Months - August 14, 2016
Our littlest baby girl is growing up fast! It's been a rough week for Josie. Unfortunately she caught a cold from her big brother. She went through a rough sleeping patch because she couldn't breathe through her nose. So I spent several days holding & nursing my baby girl day & night. As much as I love cuddling my baby girl, I am thankful that she is feeling better & sleeping better again.

Josie is really starting to move around when she is on her belly. She rolls back & forth, but she is also turning herself in circles & scooting some to get to places. It will not be long until we really have to baby proof! She is also starting to get up on her knees some. She isn't up for long, but she is getting them underneath herself. In the last week Josie has also began sitting up on her own! We still need to work on stability, but she is doing great.

Over the past month, we introduced Josie to food. She has experienced holding & tasting some things like bananas & broccoli. Josie is also practicing her pincer grasp also, by picking up puffs to eat. With lots of practice, she will be eating table food with us regularly. For now, we have also been feeding her baby food also, so she gets to experience lots of tastes & hopefully learns to be a good eater! So far, she is not being picky at all. We have also introduced the sippy cup to Josie. She drinks from it great when I turn it up, but hasn't quite understood how to turn it up herself when she is sitting up.

Josephine is still nursing as well. In fact, while she was sick, she went back to nursing only. Poor girl had such a runny nose & couldn't breathe well, so she wasn't really interested in anything else. Luckily she is becoming interested in food again now. Nursing sessions are pretty quick with Josie now, because she is super interested in everything that is going on around her. She is easily distracted!

There are still no teeth popping through for Josie Lynn. She is a drool monster though & loves chewing on things, so maybe soon...

I can't complain too much about Josie's sleeping. When she is well, she sleeps pretty well. Now that she is sleeping in her crib again, she will go until around midnight before waking. I usually have to go in & hold her for a few minutes before she will go back to sleep. Hopefully she will soon sleep through until it's time to nurse. She is waking anytime between three & five to nurse now. As for naps, she has taken some two & a half hour naps this past month! But that is not typical. I would say that she most often sleeps for an hour at a time, but sometimes an hour & a half. A few times lately, she has woken up, but put herself back to sleep with her paci. I'm excited about the possibility of her putting her paci in her mouth by herself regularly! Josie's favorite sleep position is now on her belly.

One of my favorite things that Josie is doing now is waving. She started right after turning six months old, but instead of learning to wave bye-bye like Nolin & Harris did, Josie began by waving "hi". It is super cute!

Another big development...Josie says "dada"! She is always saying "dada" or "dadadada". I *think* she is finally starting to say "mama", but I'm not absolutely positive yet. She's definitely not saying it consistently.

Josie has become a water baby this month too. She is loving the pool! :)

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