Friday, August 12, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter P

We've had visiting family for the past couple of weeks, as well as some sick kiddos. But we managed to squeeze in a few lessons for the letter P.

P is for PomPoms!
Building letter P with pattern blocks
Making upper & lowercase letter P's with the dobber.

P is for Patterns - Harris practiced building AB patterns with colored pompoms. I also introduced AAB patterns to him.
We also made & extended some shape patterns with pattern blocks.
P is for Play-doh! Of course we had to pull out the play-doh this week.
The kids made play-doh animals.
We also made play-doh monsters!

P is for Penguin! We played a fun "Feed the Penguin" game where the kids rolled a dice to see how many fish to feed their penguin. Harris practiced counting the dots on the dice & Nolin practiced subitizing by recognizing the pattern of the dots without having to count.
When we finished, the kids counted all of the goldfish that they fed their penguin, before getting to eat them of course!

P is for Puzzles! Harris practiced identifying the letter of the alphabet & numbers through 10. Then we did some big boy & big girl puzzles for fun.
P is for Pizza! The kids made their own pizzas for lunch today. :) Yum!

Nolin is also working on some lessons that she got from her school, for extra practice before she starts Kindergarten in two weeks!

The kids really did spend a lot of this week in their is going to hit us hard. LOL

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