Thursday, July 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Six Months Old

It's hard to believe, but Josephine Lynn is six months old!

Josie Lynn - Six Months - July 14, 2016
It feels like just yesterday I was holding a newborn baby Josie. Time sure is flying by! She is finally rolling both ways. Not long after turning five months, she started rolling from her belly to her back pretty regularly. She is also finally pushing up with her arms. Josie hasn't figured out how to get up with her legs yet, but she is working them for sure. When she is on her belly, her legs are never still. In fact, even when she is being held, her little legs like to kick.

Josie is starting to get around a little bit now. When she is on the floor, she is rolling around the room a little & she is even sort of scooting with her arms...mostly in a circle though. :)

Something super fun that has come along with Josie being so active...bad sleeping! Right after turning five months, Josie went through a really rough patch in the sleep department. It was like having a newborn again...she would wake every couple of hours all night long. I don't know for sure what the problem was, but I think it was because her little mind was working overtime with all the learning & growing she is doing. Luckily, she has been doing much better again. Lately we have been able to give her the pacifier if she wakes & she will go back to sleep for a good while.

About a week ago, Josie was being pretty wiggly when I was holding her & putting her to sleep. She used to nurse & then take the pacifier & go right to sleep. But she started sort of fighting me when I would hold her. I thought it was gas bothering her at first, but then I realized she just wanted to move. So, I have started laying her down awake a lot of nights. She will fuss some at times, but for the most part, she puts herself to sleep wiggling around in her crib. She now typically ends up on her belly for the majority of the night in her crib.

Josie is not sitting up yet. She will sit up for about a second, but she still wants to push back. So, hopefully it won't be long before she can sit up. It will make it a little easier when I can sit her on the floor, without having to have a chair for her. :)

Josephine has developed a funny little way of communicating this last month also. I'm pretty sure she is imitating Nolin. She is quite the talker & squealer now. I just love to hear her little squeal & laugh. Josie has also figured out how to blow raspberries & she loves to do that.

Josie is taking interest in things that she sees. She loves to grab necklaces & things that I am holding in my hands. She is super interested in my phone! Josie has even reached for me a couple of times.

Pretty soon we will introduce Josie to food. She has started to take notice of what we are eating now.

Josie has definitely taken to her pacifier. This is a good thing in that I get a break, but hopefully she won't be difficult to break from it later. She is holding her paci now & putting it in her mouth, but she doesn't quite get it in the correct way. She ends up chewing on the backside. LOL

Josephine is super aware of the world around her now. She takes in everything. I love when I am holding her & she leans out to look at me directly in my face. It's the cutest. With this awareness comes distracted nursing though. It's getting super hard to nurse her with her big sister & brother around!

Another big thing...Josie is growing some hair! Yay!

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