Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter N

N is for Noodles! (too bad I didn't take a pictures with more noodles! LOL)
Harris created his block letter N's.
Nolin drew "Nolin" eating nuts at night.
Harris used his dobber to make upper & lowercase letter N's.
Nolin also continued to work on the teen numbers.
N is for Nests - Harris sorted upper & lowercase letters into the correct nests.
N is for Necklace
I had some necklaces for the kids to make, but instead we got these cute shark necklaces at Nolin's swim meet. We thought they would be more fun to make. :)
Such a model! ;)
We also got some candy necklaces at the swim meet. Lucky kiddos got to nibble on these this week too.
N is for Night - Harris decorated this letter N to look like nighttime.
N is for Nests - the kids drew number pieces & then added that number of eggs to their nests. Nolin worked on the teen numbers.
Harris practiced identifying & counting numbers 1 - 10.
After correctly counting the number of eggs for their nests, the kids placed their number back into the number puzzle.
N is for Noodles - fun sensory noodle play!
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