Sunday, May 29, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter J

This past week, we studied the letter J. I feel like I'm slacking a little bit & not doing as many activities as before, but maybe I'll get it together soon. :)

J is for Jewels
Harris practiced making his upper & lowercase J's with his dobber.
Nolin practiced drawing & writing about things that begin with the letter J. This is a picture of Jelly Beans & she sounded the words out by herself. :)
This is a picture of her friend Jace jumping rope.
Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter J jewels in his treasure chests.
J is for Jelly Beans! Harris sorted the colored jelly beans according to colored circles.
Nolin sorted jelly beans on her own.
Then the kids placed their jelly beans in the correct place on graphs.

We discussed the graphs & talked about which color had more, less, the same. 
Then the kids counted the colors & wrote the number of each color at the bottom of their graphs. Nolin did her counting & writing on her own, while Harris & I worked together.
Building the letter J with pattern blocks
J is for Jello! The kids had a fun sensory experience with jello. They also got to eat a little. :)

Things got pretty messy, so I had to stop taking pictures. LOL
Up next, the letter K!
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