Friday, May 20, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter I

This week we finally got back into Harris' preschool & studied the letter I.

I is for Insects

Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter I sprinkles on ice cream.

Harris matched upper & lowercase letter ice cream cones. 
I-Spy bag...Harris searched around for numbers to identify & dots to count.

Nolin & Harris played with pretend ice cream scoops using pompoms.

We went on an I-Spy Scavenger Hunt for Insects - it was lots of fun!

Just because...
Harris' "yegs" quit working, so we headed home for some more letter I fun.
But not before we saw the cutest little little as my thumb!
I is for Ice Cream! We played with pretend melting ice cream. I tried a different kind this year - frozen shaving cream. The kids had fun with it, but I think the pretend ice cream I made for Nolin's preschool was a little more realistic.

Sprinkle Happy! We used some of the rainbow rice I made a while ago for sensory play.

I is for Ice! Lastly, the kids painted with ice. I froze paint in an ice tray & the kids painted with it as it melted.

Up next, letter J!

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