Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas FUN!

Of course we have to spend a few weeks on some fun Christmas activities & crafts!

These cute little Gingerbread houses came from Hobby Lobby. Super fun & super easy!
PomPom Christmas Trees
Harris matched a color code that I made where each uppercase letter had a certain color pompom.
Nolin used the same color code from uppercase letters, but she had to find the lowercase letters on her tree. 
The kids made wreath ornaments for their mini trees.  This was also a craft from Hobby Lobby.

The finished product. :)
Suncatcher Christmas Trees

Play-doh Christmas Ornaments

Suncatcher Reindeer - This was another cute craft from Hobby Lobby. I helped Harris a lot with this, but Nolin wanted to do hers all on her own.
I cut out felt Christmas trees for the kids to decorate. They did, like once. I spent way to much time cutting these out for the time they spent playing with them. LOL

We made Frozen Slime!

The kids played with this slime for a good while & we even pulled it out several other days. Fun stuff!
The kids painted snowmen with some snow paint I whipped up.

& of course they got to decorate them!

Then we added some blue food coloring to the paint to make Frozen snow paint.

Nolin painted a gingerbread man & fireplace on this one! :)
& here's a flower!
Gingerbread Houses!

Presenting...the Markham Gingerbread Village
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