Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Special Family Gift

We have a tradition a family gift on Christmas Eve every year. The goal is for the gift to be something that we can do & enjoy as a family. This year's gift was an extra special one! Since it involved a visit to the mall, we decided we better enjoy the gift a little earlier this year. :)

Nolin has expressed how much she wants to get something special for Baby Josephine. So I decided this year's family gift would be a special trip to Build-A-Bear! This is Nolin & Harris' first trip to Build-A-Bear, so I knew they would love making their own stuffed animals, as well as making a special stuffed animal to gift to Josephine when she comes home.

Harris picked a puppy dog named "Fluffy".

Nolin picked a My Little Pony named "Applejack"

Noin & Harris picked a bunny named "Hoppy" for Josephine.
The "heart ceremony" before they placed the hearts in their stuffed friends.

Bathing their new stuffed friends.

Showing off Applejack & Fluffy! Mommy was holding Hoppy. :)
The kids really enjoyed this fun little adventure. They even got little birth certificates to bring home. We all look forward to giving Josephine her special bunny when she comes home within the next month!

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