Monday, November 9, 2015

Pregnancy #3 - Josephine Update!

I haven't written much about Josephine's pregnancy & I'm currently in week 30.  I suppose it is to be expected...This poor girl is already feeling the effects of being the third!

My pregnancy with Josephine started out a mix between Nolin's & Harris' pregnancies.  I wasn't as nauseous as I was with Nolin, but seemed to have a bit more sickness than I did with Harris.  As much as I hate taking medicine, I had to depend on my trusty old Zofran to help keep me from vomiting.  Luckily the medicine helped me most of the time.  So, I assumed I would be able to control the sickness.  Unfortunately that has not been the case.  The nausea has followed me well into the third trimester.  I have some pretty sick spells about once a week now. Those spells are super fun when Nolin & Harris follow me into the bathroom questioning me about what I'm doing & requesting food at the same time!  LOL

I haven't been able to eat like I would like during this pregnancy (or keep my vitamins down daily). My belly sure is growing like I have been, but the scale says different.  I am definitely not gaining a lot of weight.  I've been down about the fact that I can't eat a lot because I need to be feeding this baby girl & because I can't enjoy eating a lot while I have a good excuse to do so!  :)  I suppose my uterus is pretty used to growing by this third pregnancy, so it started taking up space quickly & squishing my stomach in the process. The growing also gave me acid reflux issues pretty early on.  There are some nights that I think my esophagus is on fire!

The fatigue hit me super early this pregnancy.  Of course, I am sure that some of that fatigue comes from keeping up with my two rambunctious kiddos!  As I progress farther along, I'm having to sit down to rest quite often.  I especially have to rest after tackling all the stairs in our house...I'm not loving the three floors right now! ;)

Josephine seems to be quite the mover, a lot like her big sister was.  I felt her pretty early on, probably around 14 weeks.  Paul & the kids have all felt & seen her move at this point too.  I love to sit around & watch her wiggle.  Her favorite times to really move, of course, are early morning & late evening/night.  She definitely seems to wake up when Mommy gets still!

I'm having lots of crazy dreams at night, & despite having to get up to use the potty a million times, I am able to sleep decently most nights.  I have had a few horrible experiences with insomnia though & I sure hope it doesn't happen any more!

Around 20 weeks, I had some trouble with varicose/spider veins in my legs. Unfortunately I've had spider veins since college, but pregnancy always causes varicose veins to occur.  I had a pretty irritated varicose vein behind my knee for a while that was super painful, but luckily a topical & compression sleeve really helped with the pain.

I've noticed some back pain & feet pain when I do a lot of walking, but luckily that's not an every day problem.  It kind of makes me wonder how I taught through both of my previous pregnancies!

Other than the nausea, acid reflux, & fatigue, I can't complain about this pregnancy. Paul might though...he's definitely been taking up my slack when I'm exhausted!

Here are a few belly shots from Josephine's pregnancy.  I definitely started showing earlier this third time around!

We are so looking forward to meeting Baby Josephine in a couple of short months!

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