Friday, October 16, 2015

Harris' Preschool - Letter D

Last week, we learned all about the letter D!

Checking out the letter box for D!
D is for Drill!

Practicing making the letter D with dobbers. 
D is for Dots!
Harris practiced spelling his name with clothespins.
We practiced counting dot cards & identifying the corresponding numbers.  Harris is doing great with one-to-one correspondence, but I had to help him identify the correct numbers.  We will be working on this more. :)
Matching the number card to the numeral.
D is for Dice!  Harris rolled the dice & practiced counting the dots.  I was going to have him use the dobber to find that numeral on the page, but he isn't quite ready yet.  We just identified the foam numeral instead.
Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter D's by putting the correct dog bones in their doghouses.

D is for Dinosaur! ROAR! 
A favorite activity for the week - dinosaur eggs!
These were made by putting little dinosaurs in balloons, adding water (& I did a little food coloring for extra fun) & freezing.
The kids tried to break open the dinosaur eggs & then used warm water to melt them.
Starting to hatch!

Using pattern blocks to make the letter D! I love that Harris knows what a trapezoid is from this activity. :)
Dobber letters - I had Harris pick a color & then gave him a letter to find.
D is for Dandelions!
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