Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Activities - Part One

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, now that I have kids.  I love doing fun crafts & sensory activities with Nolin & Harris.  Here are a few we've done so far.  If you haven't checked out our Mini Halloween Party, we did some fun ones there too!

I love putting slimy things in just to get Nolin's reaction!
She's really loving the slimy skeleton hands! LOL
Candy Corn Sensory

The kids had fun digging, pouring, mixing...
She found the slimy spider!

The slimy skeleton hand finally grew on her!
Yummy spider & candy corn snacks!

After some fun sensory play, Nolin practiced counting with the candy corn.
Harris made some fun pictures with the candy corn!

Nolin decided to make her own spider & candy corn tree...
The kids also practiced making letters with the candy corn.

They finished off the afternoon with the candy corn by making witches stew.
We decided to paint our pumpkins with Daddy one afternoon.

Mommy, Nolin, & Harris' pumpkins - Daddy is still working...
Mommy & Daddy's Masterpieces
Harris & Nolin's Masterpieces
This past weekend we also enjoyed a little Halloween event at Nolin's old preschool. Nolin trained to become a Jedi while we were there!

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