Monday, March 9, 2015

Harris' Preschool: The Color Yellow

Up this week...the color YELLOW!  Think rubber ducks, lemons, sunshine, construction vehicles, bananas...

This week's color mystery box...
It's a serious yellow lemon. :)
Some yellow play-doh play.
The kids enjoyed some yellow sensory play with yellow Easter grass & Easter eggs.  

Well hello there little ducky!
Nolin enjoyed the Easter grass!
Things might have gotten a little messy...
Harris & Nolin made some (pretend) lemonade.
(Although it looks a little orange, it was yellow!)

This week we also enjoyed looking for things that were yellow while we were out & about.  We also sang the Yellow color song.

Momma might have slacked a little bit with some activities for the color yellow, but I hope to make it up this week!  :)

Up next, the color BLUE.

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