Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Harris' Preschool: The Color Blue

This week we learned about the color BLUE

The kids enjoyed discovering all of the blue items in the mystery color box.

Super Harris finds the blue playdoh!
Of course we had to do some blue playdoh play!
Nolin made blueberries. :)

We painted with some fun window paint.  For this, I pulled out the red, yellow, & blue.  Nolin discovered that blue & yellow make green.

One of our favorite sensory items is water beads, so of course I had to pull out some blue ones!

Nolin practiced one-to-one correspondence.
Harris scooped, filled cups, & more...
When we finished, the kids got to squish them!

We enjoyed some fun blue painting.  I gave the kids several different items to paint with - pompoms, feathers, stamps, pipe cleaners...

Of course Nolin & I taught Harris the blue color song.  :)

Up next...St. Patrick's Day GREEN!

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