Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter W

This week we learned about the letter W.

Letter W Mystery Box - wipes, wand, wolf, wagon, wrench, watch, whistle, water, wind, whisk, whale, water balloons, watermelon, world, water wow (water painting books)
W is for Wand
When Harris saw me taking pictures of Nolin, he ran over in front of the camera & said, "cheese"!
W is for White
Harris jumped in on the white painting action.

W is for Water Beads - We love these things!
Harris practiced scooping.
Nolin practiced scooping, one-to-one correspondence, & counting.  
Nolin went on an Alphabet Hunt.
Every time she found a letter, she would identify it's name & sound.
She loved this hunt!
Harris followed Sissy around looking for letters too!
(My girl is looking so grown-up!  Look at that ponytail!)
Once we found all the letters, we counted them together & then placed them in alphabetical order.
Of course, we had a little bit of photo fun too! :)

W is for Washing!  The kids had a blast with this sensory table.  I just put a little dish soap, water, rags, & lots of plastic cups & bowls in the water table.  

Then we pulled out some squirt bottles for a little fun.

I think they would have done this all day.

We also did a little water painting. 
But the squirt bottles were the most fun!
W is for Word Worms -- Nolin built worms to spell out Nolin, Harris, Mommy, & Daddy.
W is for Watermelon!

Of course we wouldn't learn about letter W without having some yummy watermelon!  I had to post more watermelon pictures - you can find them here.  :)
W is for Water Balloons!  I drew a large W on the driveway for the kids to use as a target.

They washed the W right away!

This was another week favorite!
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