Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letters U & V

This week we studied two letters - U & V!

Of course we had to go out & play with our umbrella!
Letter U & V Mystery Box - upper & lowercase letter U's & V's, up, umbrella, ukelele, velcro, vegetables , & vinegar (really pretty lousy for two letters!)
U is for Umbrella
V is for Velcro
V is for Vines - Nolin matched upper & lowercase letters on a vine
Nolin (& Harris) sorted letters & numbers
Umbrellas & Rain Drops - Nolin & I made umbrellas out of muffin cups.  Then I wrote numbers on the umbrellas form Nolin to identify.  After she identified the number, she counted out raindrops.
V is for Vase

V is for Volcano!

This volcano is from Fun at Home with Kids. We built a volcano out of baking soda & water. Then we painted it with liquid water colors before we used dish soap & vinegar to erupt it! 

The eruption begins...

Nolin, of course, had to play in it.
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