Friday, April 25, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter N

This week is all about the letter N & we are celebrating one special little girl who is turning THREE - Nolin Leigh!!

N is for Nolin!

Letter N Mystery Box - a picture of Nolin, Nolin's name, newspaper, noodles, upper & lowercase letter N's, Nutella, numbers, a necklace, & night
N is for Noodles
In honor of the letter N & Earth Day, we went on a nature treasure hunt to collect pieces of nature.

Then Nolin arranged them to create her Nature Name.  I wrote her name in pencil & she did the rest.  I was super impressed!  
Noiln identified numbers 1-8 & counted the corresponding number of eggs to put in each number nest.

Also in honor of Earth Day, Nolin & Harris ate like a bird.  They ate fish, berries, & dried fruit from their nests.  Nolin practiced using fine motor skills by picking up her snack with tweezers & placing it in her nest.
We made a life-size bird's nest!

One little bird is out cold & the other bird wants to eat...
These little birds need some rest...
N is for Numbers - Nolin identified the numbers as she decorated her N.
Nolin made a name necklace!
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase eggs in their nests.
N is for Night

Last week we didn't get to enjoy our ocean sensory table, so we had to throw it in this week.  This was so much fun!  I put blue water beads (sometimes called water pearls) in with a little bit of water & some ocean animals.  Nolin & Harris had a lot of fun.  The water beads are such a next sensory item.  I had to drag Harris away when we were finished. :)

Just as the last few weeks have gone, we didn't get to everything on our list.  We had too much celebrating to do!  :)  I'm sure we will make up for it soon...

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