Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter G

This week we studied the letter G.  In celebration of Dr. Seuss's March 2nd birthday, we also enjoyed some Dr. Seuss books & activities -- post coming soon!

I have started making a weekly Mystery Box.  The box will contain items that start with the letter sound for the week.  This week the box contained - a gift, a girl, a game, grapes, a goat, upper & lowercase letter G's, glue, glasses, glitter, the color green, the color gray, a grandma flash card, a grandpa flash card, & a globe.
G is for Glitter!
We made glitter names for both Nolin & Harris.  I hung these in their bedrooms.
Nolin decorated her groovy glasses & modeled them for me.  :) 

Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter G's into their corresponding gumball machines.
Nolin counted the correct number of beans for each number through six.

We made green shaving cream.  Nolin loved playing in this.
Nolin counted gum balls to put in the correct gum ball machines.
Nolin practiced writing letters & her name with a q-tip & paint.  She really enjoyed this activity.  She is getting much better at making letters.
We built gumdrop structures.
Nolin painted with glitter glue.
This week we were also able to have some learning fun with friends...

We made Gak.  This stuff was super fun!  I got this recipe from Fun at Home with Kids - here.
The kids also sorted purple & green grapes.  Of course they got to enjoy them when they finished. :)

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