Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter D

This week, of course, were activities surrounding the letter D.

Nolin decorated the D with colorful dots.
We practiced spelling Nolin's name with clothespins.  I also had Nolin practice tracing her name with her finger.
Nolin rolled the dice, counted the dots, & then put a big dot on the corresponding numeral.  I made a number line to help with this activity.  After Nolin counted the dots, we would take our finger & count on the number line so she could see which numeral she was looking for.
Nolin sorted uppercase & lowercase D's - dog bones into the doghouses.
Nolin played with dice, stacking & more.
We made our own number flash cards.  Nolin counted the dots as she used the dobber to color them & identify the number.
Nolin copied AB patterns using pom-poms.  She was even able to extend the pattern on her own after the colored dots.
D is for Dinosaur - ROAR
Nolin identified letters by using the dobber to color the letter I said.  She did great on the uppercase letters A, B, C, & D.  We also did the lowercase letters & she did better than I expected.  She was able to tell me the b & the d!  I was very impressed!
D is for Duck - Quack, Quack
Nolin counted the dots on the cards & matched the correct number to them.  This required a bit of help from me. :)
We made a shape graph.  Nolin really enjoyed this.
D is for Donkey - HeeHaw
D is for Dandelions
D is for DONUTS!!  This was our favorite activity from this week. ;)
We also enjoyed some time dancing & playing the drums this week!


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