Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter B

This week in preschool, we focused on the letter B.

Nolin glued beans to the letter B while we sang the sound song.
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter B's (blueberries) into the correct basket.
Nolin matched butterflies by color.  Then she traced the upper & lowercase B's.  We also flipped over the butterflies to practice counting by matching the number to the correct number of dots.
After matching all of the butterflies, we played a game where Nolin bounced over the color that I called out.  I was going to have her bounce on the color, but she didn't want to hurt her butterflies.  ;)  After bouncing over the colors, we played another game where we counted & bounced the number that I would call out.  
We worked on the concept of big & small.  We used our hands, bodies, & voices to demonstrate big & small.   Then Nolin sorted the paper balls into the correct circle.  She loves using glue, so a lot of our activities have glue involved!
Nolin put one bean into each hole of the egg container.  This is a great game for one-to-one correspondence.
She did this several times & really fast.  I thought it was going to be difficult because she would want to put lots of beans in each hole.  I was super proud of her, as she was proud of herself! :)
We played several games with balloons.  Here Nolin is counting the number of balloons that I call out & running to put them into the bucket.  
B is for Butterfly :)
B is for Bumble Bee - Nolin (with my help) colored the stripes on the bumble bee to make a black-yellow pattern.  Clearly I was planning for kindergarten here...LOL.  But she did great with my help.  Then Nolin practiced tracing the letter B's.  I helped her do a few & then, of course, she wanted to do some by herself.  ;)  I was impressed with her work though.  She remembered to start at the top of the B & make the line down. 

Sensory Box filled with beans - Nolin loves sensory boxes
We painted using a ball - I put a piece of paper in a cake pan, then we dropped paint onto it.  Last we put a ball in the pan & Nolin moved the pan to make the ball roll around & create a masterpiece! :)
We took our binoculars & went on a /b/ hunt to find things that start with B.
Here are a couple of videos of Nolin this week:

We played balloon baseball this week.  I didn't get a picture of this because I had to be the referee while Nolin had the baseball bat, aka drum stick.  ;)  I haven't decided if I should have taught her this game yet or not.  Haha!

We also played around with bouncing balls, blowing bubbles, & built with blocks.  There are so many fun to do when working with the letter B!

This week I also started teaching Nolin sign language for the letters we are learning. So I taught her the signs for A & B. We also watched Signing Time ABC's. I hope she continues to love learning to sign!

I am so glad that I started doing school with Nolin.  She is really loving it!  It is so fun to watch her get excited about learning!  I am also discovering that she knows more things than I realized, like how to spell her name.  I always spell it out loud when helping her write it, but I didn't realize that she can also spell it out loud.  :)

Every night when Paul comes home, Nolin tells him about her lessons from the day.  I love hearing her explain her work & it's also a great way for her to think about her learning, as well as learn to express herself better.


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  1. "I was super proud of her, as she was proud of herself! "
    being able to enjoy those moments with them is the best part of teaching them at home! And did you guys do all these activities in one day? Amazing!