Monday, October 7, 2013

The Vote is On!!!

The vote is on over at Verity Mom -!! I could really use your help, if you wouldn't mind to head on over & vote for me as the next Verity Mom, or vote for your favorite choice for Verity Mom...but I sure hope it's me!  ;)

Voting is open from today, Monday, October 7th (noon PDT) to Monday, October 14th (noon PDT). You can vote once in that time frame.  You will need a legitimate email address, to ensure that there is no voting fraud.  Voting is super easy - just put in your name & email address, check my name, & click vote!

Feel free to help me spread the word also!  If I am one of the top ten vote-getters, I will be included in the top 15 finalists.

This would be such a fun job & such a help for our family!  Thanks again friends!


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