Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten Months - Harris William

Harris William is ten months old!

October 29, 2013 - Ten Months Old
He is majorly on the move!  When Harris sees something that he wants, he will get to it before you can even blink.  He is pulling up on everything & cruising along anything he can find.  He is doing much better behind the walker toy now & he loves to walk while holding onto our hands.  Harris would really rather be on his feet than crawling.  It is always fun trying to get anything done when he is constantly pulling up & holding on to your legs.  ;)

Harris is getting into everything he can now.  He loves to open cabinets & doors.  Sneaky little fella can get away & hide pretty quickly too!  Usually if we are upstairs & he disappears, you can find him in the playroom.  He doesn't even mind a dark room!  He's a pretty cool little dude! ;)

This month Harris finally got some teeth!  His first two bottom teeth popped through about a week ago. It was a rough week!  Harris doesn't do teething too well.  :(  We had some really bad nights around here.

When his teeth were coming in, Harris stopped sleep long stretches (which for him were only like three to four hours!).  He thought he should nurse all night too.  It didn't bother me to nurse him more often, but he thought he should be able to stay latched on all night...not very good for Momma's sleep!  So, after we knew his teeth were through, we had to start working on getting him to sleep better.  Paul takes the first part of the night & brings Harris to me when it is time to nurse him.  Then Harris thinks he still has an open bar the rest of the night.  Night weaning is going to be interesting one day...  To make things even more fun, Harris also gave up the pacifier.  I had worked so hard to get him to even take one in the first place, but I'm pretty sure we can just throw those away now!

So clearly Harris has not trouble in the nursing department, but food is a different story.  He has such a sensitive gag reflex!  He actually eats baby food, rather than what we are eating.  We prefer he keep some food down, so we went that route.  I worry that he may never be able to eat real food.  LOL

Harris is a little talker now.  He just jabbers.  It is fun when he starts jabbering to Nolin.  A lot of times she will repeat exactly what he is saying.  It's pretty cute!  Harris is now saying "Momma", "Nonin" (Nolin), "No", "Whoa" & some "Dada".  His favorite word is probably "no"...he & Nolin can sit for a while just telling each other no!  :)

Harris absolutely loves waving at people now.  He will wave to anyone & just grin.  I think he is going to be a flirt!

Here are some other fun things Harris is doing this month:
  • Baths are one of his favorite things.  He loves to swat his hands at the water & splash.  He doesn't mind one bit having water in his face!
  • He loves riding in the grocery cart...especially when he can drive the race car.
  • He even loves standing next to the tub while Nolin is taking a bath.  
  • He is quite good at letting me know when Nolin has taken something he had.  He knows what he wants now.  
  • He loves dancing!!  It doesn't matter what kind of music it is or where he is, but if he hears it he starts moving.  I love it!
  • When he falls over gets pushed by someone (no names mentioned), he will sometimes just lay in the floor like he can't get up.  It's pretty cute.  :)
  • He thinks his sister is pretty funny.  She can really get him giggling.  
  • Harris & Nolin love holding hands in the car.  It melts my heart every time! 


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