Monday, July 29, 2013

Seven Months - Harris William

Harris is seven months old!

July 29, 2013 - Seven Months Old
Harris is growing up so fast!  Seven months seemed to have flown by...

Harris is a roller from belly to back, but still doesn't roll from back to belly!  I guess I'm giving up on that!  LOL.  When it comes to tummy time, he wiggles quite a bit.  He moves in circles, but isn't really moving forward or backward yet.  He also spends some time up on his knees, but isn't super sturdy that way yet.  He is an expert sitter now.  He even leans forward to move from sitting to crawling position.  Hopefully we will have a crawler in a month or so.

Harris is beginning to be discontent with some things now.  He gets a bit fussy on his belly, so hopefully that will push him to learn new things.  :)

Harris is also very interested in his surroundings now.  He has always nursed pretty quickly, but now it takes a little longer b/c he takes a lot of breaks to look around, especially if Nolin is making noise.  I love when he stops & looks up at me to smile or giggle.

One of my favorite things that Harris is doing now is this funny little noise with his mouth.  I cannot figure out what he is doing, but sometimes he makes a clicking noise & sometimes a funny little sucking-like noise.  Maybe he is sucking on his lip?!  It is super cute!

Harris loves tags!  If there is a tag on something, he will find it to chew/suck on. Needless to say, he loves his taggie blanket!

Recently Harris has been a bit fussy.  I am not sure if it is milestones that he is working on or possibly teeth, but I sure hope he gets through it fast.  I miss my always happy little fella!

Harris is a big time nurser!  The boy would nurse non-stop, if I let him.  I suppose it is because he is using me as his pacifier also.  The other night when he was super sleepy & not feeling well, I went to let him nurse & he didn't even latch on, just put his mouth on me & went to sleep immediately.  I guess I am his comfort place.  :)

Speaking of sleeping, Harris isn't much into it...  I have gotten him to sleep in his crib for a few hours every night so far, but it usually isn't longer than four hours, if even that.  I am going to keep on trying though!  Maybe one day this boy will sleep better.  When he is with me & nursing, he is a great sleeper though.  Too bad he doesn't like the pacifier.  He still uses it as more of a chew toy.

We recently went home to Kentucky for a visit & Harris started waving while we were there.  He doesn't know what he is doing & doesn't do it all the time, but he did it enough to convince me that he was trying.  He also started reaching for people.

Another couple of firsts for Harris this month was going to the Markham farm for the first time & also going for his first swim.  He loved both!

Harris knows what he wants know.  If Nolin takes something from him, he is not happy about it!  In the past she could exchange toys with him, but now that doesn't always work.  It is cute when he drops something & then just stares at it until I pick it up.

We have been introducing Harris to solid foods.  So far we are basically just giving him foods to experiment with.  He isn't really swallowing anything yet, but he does enjoy trying different tastes.  It is funny to watch his face when he tastes something sour. Momma gets a little nervous when he coughs/gags, but that's part of him learning!  Hopefully it won't take long for him to get the hang of chewing & swallowing!

Harris is already looking up to his big sister.  He just loves her!  I love hearing them giggle together.  I can't wait to see their relationship grow.  Here they are having fun at dinner time (notice Nolin takes Harris' cup until she realizes that Momma is watching!)


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