Friday, March 29, 2013

Three Months - Harris William

March 29, 2013 - Three Months Old
Harris is growing so fast!  He is now three months old.  It is hard to believe that when Nolin turned three months old, I had to return to work.  I'm so thankful that I am able to stay home with them for now!  :)

Harris is doing a great job at holding up his head.  He still wobbles forward a little when he sits in the Bumbo seat. I'm trying to give him practice every day. He loves to hold his weight up on his legs when you stand him up.  & when it comes to tummy time, he does just fine.  He actually doesn't mind it!

He is a wiggly little fellow.  He enjoys lying on the floor/bed. He likes to kick his legs & wiggle his arms.  He goes non-stop!  Harris also loves eating his hands.  They seem to be in his mouth constantly!

Harris loves "talking" to us.  He makes the cutest little noises.  I love to see him grin & talk.  Nolin absolutely loves to "talk to baby Harris".  It is so sweet to see them interact.  He now smiles at Nolin when he sees her.  :)

When it comes to baths, Harris does great.  He has only ever fussed during one of his baths.  He is just in general such a happy boy!

We are doing a little bit better with the sleep situation now.  He sleeps pretty well at night, but until recently he would not stay asleep in bed without me. i am finally able to put him down to sleep, but i still have to go to him a few times on some nights to give him his paci.  He sleeps a decent stretch before wanting to nurse again. But, I would be okay with him keeping a little longer! Maybe soon...

Harris is doing much better with daytime naps.  Sometimes I can lay him down & he will put himself to sleep.  This is on our bed though, so I'm going to have to get him somewhere safer pretty quick!

We still haven't given Harris a bottle yet.  He is nursing great though!  He will go two to three hours during the day between feedings.  I love that I'm not having to pump this time, since I'm staying home!

Harris is going all over the Seattle area & he doesn't even know it!  He does a great job running around with us.  :)


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