Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Sister Nolin

We knew from the beginning that Nolin would be a great big sister. She has always been such a loving little girl & she always wants to help with everything. So these sweet little things she does for her "baby brudder" are no surprise...

  • She gets a tissue when Harris cries & wipes his tears from his face (she also does this for me & it melts my heart!!)
  • She tells me "nose runnin" when Harris sneezes & goes to get a tissue.
  • She pats Harris' back, gazes in his face, & says "shhhhhh" when he is crying. Of course this is only after announcing to everyone "baby crying"!
  • Every time she sees Harris she giggles & yells "Hi Baby Brudder!"
  • She tries to share her food & milk with Harris.
  • Every morning she wants to lie next to Harris. She just stares at him & smiles. 
  • She will do whatever she has to do to get on the bed next to Harris when I change his diaper.
  • Every time she sees that Harris is not nursing, she says "sit" & pats the floor next to her. She wants me to sit Harris down where she can see him & love on him.
  • When siting with Harris, she will point & name all of him parts (nose, eyes, neck, hand, etc.). She thinks its hilarious when Harris' hand brushes her face.

I sure do love these two!  I hope they will always be close! :)

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