Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pregnancy #2 - Harris Update

I am 31 weeks right now & I have to say, this pregnancy has really flown by!  I cannot believe how close we are to meeting Harris William!  I feel like I have so much to do before he arrives.

31 Weeks
 For a while I couldn't feel Harris move much.  I felt little bumps here & there, but I was worried that he wasn't moving as much as Nolin.  Turns out that he is just as wild!  My placenta with Nolin was posterior (in the back), but with Harris it is anterior (in the front).  So, for a while it was acting sort of like a shock absorber for Harris' movement.  But now that he is getting bigger, I am feeling him much more.  He moves the most after dinner every night around seven or so.  

This pregnancy with Harris is going pretty smooth so far.  I hope it keeps going so great!  I have been very lucky that I have not had to deal with a lot of the things that I did with Nolin's pregnancy - hemorrhoids, acid reflux, leg cramps, linea nigra (line down my belly), etc.  I have a feeling that I am going to be experiencing some of these things soon though.  I can't get by this easy!  :)  I am starting to feel some heartburn/acid reflux, but hopefully I can keep it under control.  I do have to pee quite often!  This is no surprise though & if it is the worst it gets for me, I cannot complain!  There have only been a few days at work that my back has been aching, but usually I can get it under control if I sit down & rest.  I am sleeping okay really - with the exception of lots of crazy dreams!  Sleeping on my side is getting a bit old though! 

I'm having one big issue with this pregnancy that I didn't have with Nolin - crazy spider/varicose veins in my legs.  I have always had some trouble with spider veins, but they are getting much worse now & moving farther down my legs.  Some are even turning into varicose veins.  Oh how I hope these clear up some after Harris is born!  I have one particularly painful spot right behind my right knee.  It hurts to even touch.  :(  On a happier note, I am not seeing any signs of stretch marks with this pregnancy either - fingers crossed they stay away!

It is definitely an experience having a toddler while being pregnant.  I can't lie down whenever I would like, as i did when I was pregnant with Nolin.  I also do a lot of picking up - Nolin & her toys!  It is getting harder to get up & down now.  But somehow I'm making it.  ;)

Here are the last few belly shots - I am definitely becoming more round!

26 Weeks
28 Weeks
30 Weeks
Compare my Nolin belly with my Harris belly here.  :)


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