Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update

27 Weeks
It has been a few weeks since I've written about how my pregnancy is going.  I am 30 weeks now, so just ten weeks to go!  I cannot believe we are almost down in the single digits!  I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little girl!  Here is an update with all the fun things I am learning & experiencing. 

There are wonderful things I am experiencing, that I love.  Nolin is a little mover.  I think she is going to be a gymnast or something!  I really love feeling her bump around in my belly.  I love even more when I can watch her move.  Sometimes there are kicks, sometimes there are bumps, sometimes there are rolls, sometimes she has the hiccups, & sometimes I think she is having a spasm!  Paul & I love to watch her move at night.  That seems to be when she is the most active.  Paul likes to rub lotion on my belly & it always gets Nolin going.  We sit & watch her move, trying to figure out what body part is what.  She still has some room to roll around in there, so she seems to change positions a lot.  Another thing that I love about her moving, is that I know she is okay.  I get worried on days when she takes a break!  I also love watching every day as my belly takes on funny shapes - from her movements & from the Braxton Hicks contractions.  Sometimes I think Nolin is going to pop out of there!

Now there is also a little sarcasm when I say "fun"...  There are all kinds of little things that change in your body when you are pregnant.  They really aren't that bad for me, but it does make me laugh how I seem to have no control over my own body anymore!  I have started having some round ligament pain, because my uterus is super stretched.  I have acid reflux/heartburn almost every night & sometimes day, because my stomach is pushed up & squished!  I can't eat a lot at one time, because there is no room in there!  However, I get hungry a lot!  :)  I am not taking any allergy medicine & I have lived on that for years, so I am starting to have some headaches now that spring is on its' way.  I have congestion almost every night & wake up all stuffed up!  I have had a few of those lovely leg cramps in the middle of the night that cause me to shoot out of bed!  I have trouble sleeping, because I cannot get comfortable sleeping on my side all night.  I get pretty worn out & have some backaches after working all day, but that is to be expected.  I'm starting to get that pregnancy line down the middle of my belly, the linea nigra.  I'm in those maternity clothes now & it's definitely more comfortable than a rubber band on my pants!  I am super clumsy now.  I can't seem to hold on to anything & then when I drop things, I can't hardly bend over to  pick them up!  I also bump into things with my belly!  Oh & of course, I am starting to waddle!  :)  I also have trouble getting out of my seat, which seems pretty pitiful, because I have a bit more growing to do!  There are a few other things that don't need much explanation: drool (yep - from sleeping on my side & being congested), gas (enough said), frequent urination (enough said), & even hemorrhoids (that's right - enough said!).  I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting, & definitely things that I have yet to experience.  We will see...  Still no signs of stretch marks, so I am super thankful for that!  I don't know how I have avoided them so far, so we will see what happens!

Well, now you know more than you wanted to know about me & my pregnancy!  :)  Even with all of the fun stuff above, I really am enjoying pregnancy!  It is such a neat experience & the little one at the end is definitely worth it!  You can see the latest belly growth below:
26 Weeks
28 Weeks
30 Weeks

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