Friday, September 14, 2012

The Little Things

It's the little things that you forget.

Nolin does some of the cutest little things!  I don't want to forget these things, so why not share them? Warning - there are tons!  ;)
  • When Nolin signs "flower", instead of moving her hand back & forth at her nose, she puts her hand to her nose & wiggles her head back & forth. 
  • Whenever Nolin hears music of any kind, no matter where she is, she shakes her little body back & forth with the cutest grin.  She also always looks to see if I am watching.
  • When Nolin gets excited about something, she pulls her fists up like she is going to fist pump, but instead shakes them quickly & gives the silliest smile/laugh.  
  • When we put Nolin to bed at night (I still rock her), Paul sits her in my lap, she kisses Paul, & then she kisses me. It melts my heart every night & I hope it is part of our bedtime routine for a long time.
  • Nolin in fact loves to kiss everyone, even animals & stuffed animals.  :)
  • We have started telling Nolin about her baby brother in my belly.  Recently she raised Paul's shirt, pointed to his belly, & said "baby".  Haha!  I think a lot of people are about to have babies in their bellies, according to Nolin.
  • Nolin signs & says please now.  It just melts my heart to hear her say, "peas" & to rub her chest!
  • Nolin says "ooof, ooof, ooof, ooof" every time she sees a dog.  She is saying a lot of animal sounds now, but I really like when she says, "ee, aw" for the donkey. 
  • Nolin tries or pretends to try to pick things up, like her bowl/plate & Kai's dog bowl.  She puts her hand on the sides & grunts!  The funniest part is that she does it with items that she can actually pick up.   
  • Nolin tries to sign "I Love You".  I sign it to her when I tell her in the mornings.  When she signs it back she smiles, scrunches her nose up, points her pointer finger at me, & ducks her head down.  It is the cutest thing!  Below is the closet picture I have gotten of this yet:
  • Nolin has recently started patting me on the back when I hold her.  It is so sweet.  :) 
  • When I'm driving int he car & I turn, Nolin says, "Woah!"
  • After Nolin takes a drink or gives a drink to me, she says, "Ahhhh!"  So refreshing...
  • The first time I sat Nolin on the potty, I said, "Tinkle, Tinkle".  So now when she uses the potty or I do, she wants to tickle & says "ticka, ticka, ticka"!  Hehe!
  • When I rock Nolin to sleep now she falls asleep on my chest/shoulder.  I say "night, night" & she always responds in her sweet, sleepy little voice "nigh, nigh".  It is the sweetest thing!
  • Nolin loves babies!  She loves to kiss on them & help take care of them.  She is going to be one helpful big sister.
  • Nolin figured out how to play music on the iphone & she runs around holding the phone to her ear like a boom box & listening to her favorite song, "Call Me Maybe".  Every now & then she stops to shake her booty & dance.
  • Nolin is crazy about her shoes.  She loves to put them on.  Half the time she runs around the house with one shoe on & one off.  It is quite funny when the one shoe is on the wrong foot!  She also loves to take them off while riding in the car seat & then put them back on.  Pretty often when we arrive where we are going, we find her with shoes on -- the wrong feet!
  • When I was little I liked to go to bed when it was bedtime.  Luckily Nolin does too!  Sometimes she tells us she is ready for a nap or bed.  She will sign & say, "sleep" & then walk herself to her bedroom & climb on her crib.  Hopefully bedtime will always be this easy.  She has even been putting herself to sleep on her own for a while now.  I still have to hold my girl at night though!  Just because Momma enjoys the cuddles!  :)
  • Nolin loves her rolling backpack.  She pulls it around the house all of the time saying, "backpack" & sometimes even takes it with us when we leave.
  • I don't know where she got it, but instead of playing peek-a-boo, Nolin will hide & then say, "pee-pi".  :)
  • Nolin is such a good little helper.  She watches us & wants to help with everything.  The other day she came through the house with the laundry basket (it only had a couple of items in it), she loaded them into the washer, & closed the door!  Such a good laundry helper.  She also helps clean when there are spills.  She spilled her milk on my foot one day, went to the bathroom, got an itty bitty piece of toilet paper, & wiped my foot off!
  • Nolin regularly runs off to the bathroom & repeats, "wipe, wipe" as she tears off tiny pieces of toilet paper, lifts her shirt, & wipes her belly button.  She isn't sure where to wipe when she has her diaper on!  
  • Nolin walks around saying, "clean" & doing the sign for washing hands.  She loves to wash her hands.  I guess our girl will always be clean! 
  • Nolin has a toy train that says, "bye, bye" when it has not been played with for a while.  She likes to push the button to make it talk so that it will say bye.  Then she immediately says, "bye, bye" & pushes the button to start it again.
  • At dinner one night recently, Paul tooted.  Nolin immediately, without any hesitation, made the same toot noise with her mouth & then said, "potty".  LOL --  I hope Daddy was taking notes!
  • Nolin spilled milk on my foot one day.  I didn't think anything of it, but before long Nolin came running with the tiniest piece of toilet paper & wiped the milk off of my foot.   
  • Any time Nolin hears bath water running, she runs in the room, says "bath", & signs it.  The girl loves water!
  • Nolin sings a couple of songs now, but only small parts of them.  She likes to sing, "row, row, row" for Row, Row, Row Your Boat & "e-i-e-i-o" for Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
  • Nolin recently sat on the potty & grunted while tooting.  She is starting to understand what the potty is for.  :)
  • Nolin has been learning the parts of a face.  She loves to stick her finger in my eye & say, "eye".  It's great fun -- for her!  LOL

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