Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pregnancy #2 Update

So far this pregnancy is pretty different from my pregnancy with Nolin.  I began feeling a bit nauseous around 7 weeks, as I did with Nolin.  Luckily though, this time I was not vomiting daily!  It seemed to be a gag reflex issue that I could control a little bit.  I had a couple of small spells getting sick, but it was nothing compared to Nolin's pregnancy.  I was also feeling very tired early on.  This could be due to the pregnancy & chasing a toddler!  I had to bring back the trusty old camping chair so that I could sit while getting ready in the mornings. 

At 14 weeks I was able to feel Harris move every now & then.  It was just little flutters, but I knew it was him this time.  :)  I was also showing a little bit already!  This made me worry that I am going to be gigantic by the end of this pregnancy.

The nausea during this pregnancy finally went away at about 17 weeks.  I was beginning to think that I was going to feel sick for this entire pregnancy.  Luckily this was not the case!  Also around 17 weeks, Paul was able to feel Harris. 

I was worried for a while because I didn't feel Harris move as much as Nolin did in the womb.  I just assumed that his personality will be a little bit more low key.  However, I asked during my 20 week appointment where the placenta was located - it was anterior (in the front), just as I suspected.  This means that it is like a shock absorber & I can't feel Harris in the front of my belly like I did Nolin.  I had suspected that this was the case, b/c we couldn't hear anything but the placenta pumping blood when we listened for Harris' heartbeat on my iphone.  With Nolin, we could find her heartbeat anytime.  I did get a nice present on my 30th birthday though - I was able to hear Harris' heartbeat on my phone!  :)

Right now at 24 weeks, I feel pretty good.  I have some energy back.  I am able to feel Harris move more & more as he gets bigger.  I have broken out the maternity clothes.  My belly now seems to have evened out to about the same size it was with Nolin at this time during her pregnancy.  I am sleeping okay at night, but I do have some aches & pains from mostly sleeping on my left side.  I sure do love pillows right now!!  I am lucky enough not to have any stretch marks with this pregnancy either (fingers crossed it stays that way!).  My only real complaint is that the spider veins in my legs are getting worse.  Some even seem as though they are trying to become varicose veins!  I'm too young for this!

So far I have not had any trouble with acid reflux during this pregnancy!  I hope I continue to have this good luck.  :)

Check out the pictures below to see the belly growth with Harris:

20 Weeks
22 Weeks
24 Weeks
 You can compare my Harris belly to my Nolin belly by clicking here.  :)

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