Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nolin's First Flight

Paul, Nolin, & I just got back from Nolin's first trip on an airplane.  Nolin & I tagged along with Paul as he attended a conference in San Antonio, Texas. 

Paul & I were nervous about taking Nolin on a flight since she is only 13 months old.  We weren't sure how to keep her entertained in such a small space & we were worried about her ears.  She amazed us as usual, though.  We were late getting through security due to a hold up at the ticket counter, so we had to rush right onto the plane when we got to the gate.  This made me nervous since it didn't allow time for Nolin to run.  It was early in the morning, so she hadn't been able to run all morning.  We couldn't get the front seat with extra room, so we opted for the very back of the plane.  Nolin sat in my lap & looked out the window during take-off.  Then she snacked most of the two hour flight & played a couple of games on my iPad.  She did a great job for her first flight!

While at the hotel the first night, we decided to take Nolin to her first swim in the big pool.  She absolutely loved it!  I think we have a water baby on our hands.  :)

Another favorite thing for Nolin to do at the hotel was play with the curtains.  She loved playing peek-a-boo in the room & next to the elevators.  She was quite entertaining on the elevators also.  The hotel elevators moved fast, so when the started to move she would always sit down on the floor really quickly.  It was cute!

Daddy had lots of meetings to attend, so Nolin & I spent some time outside on the beautiful riverwalk (where I didn't take any pictures!) & at the children's museum.  She loved the museum.  There were so many fun things to do there.  She also kissed her first little boy.  He was just a day younger than Nolin!

I LOVED the big Lite Brite & so did Nolin!

There were some challenges on the trip.  It was difficult entertaining a little girl in small hotel room & there wasn't much to do when Nolin was sleeping.  But, we managed to figure it out. 

I wish I had a picture of some other exciting news, but I couldn't get a good one.  Paul won the Saltmarsh Award at the conference!  Nolin & I were there to see him receive it & it was very exciting!  We are very proud of Daddy!

The flight home was around Nolin's nap time, so we kept her awake in hopes that she would sleep during the flight.  She was exhausted & out quick! 
Nolin woke up just in time to have a snack & land.  She really enjoyed watching the bags being taken off of the plane. 

We had a great trip, but we are happy to be home again with Kai!  :)


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