Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nolin's News

Nolin has some news to share...

Yep, that's right - Tiny Markham #2 is on his/her way, due to arrive in late December 2012! We are very excited!

I found out that I was pregnant for the second time on Friday, May 4, 2012.  We had just finished the Alvaton Derby Day at school.  I stopped to get a pregnancy test on the way home from work.  I have always gotten the digital ones so I can't misread them.  Well, this time I thought I would get cheap ones to save money.  I stopped at the dollar store & couldn't find any.  So I went to Walgreens & bought the cheapest ones I could find.  I took the test as soon as I got home & it immediately showed the + sign.  I said, "Paul, it says I'm pregnant!"  I wasn't sure what to think at first.  He looked at the test to make sure I read it correctly & he didn't believe it.  We decided to get the digital test just to be sure.  I should have just bought the digital one to begin with!  LOL :)  Sure enough, when I took the test again later that night, it said, "pregnant"!  Paul was not here when I took the test for Nolin, so it was neat that he was able to see the results with me this time.

Heart Rate at 8 weeks - 173 BMP

Kai is unsure about another baby being in the house!  He was just getting comfortable with our family of four!   I think he will love Tiny Markham #2 just as much though!

Not again! :)

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  1. Yahoo for #2!!!!! So happy for you guys and your blog is adorable!!! ;);)