Thursday, June 28, 2012

Homemade Fun

I've been looking around online to find some homemade educational games to make for Nolin.  There are tons of cute ideas out there, but a lot of them are for toddlers a bit older than Nolin.  I'm going to go ahead & make a few anyway.  You never know.  My girl might just be brilliant!  LOL

I made my first fine motor game this week.  It was really simple.  I used a cool whip container, various sized colored pom poms, & an exacto knife.   All I had to do was cut different sized holes in the lid that were just slightly smaller than the pom poms. I may decorated the container somehow, just to make it cute.  :)

I wasn't sure that Nolin would be interested in this game yet, but she loved it!  She picked right up on it.  She loved dumping the pom poms on the floor & then squishing them back into the container. 

I can't wait to finish making some other games I've started.  Any ideas?? - please share!!


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