Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Family Fun

Now that Spring has sprung here in Kentucky, we enjoy time outside every day that we can. 

My favorite part of the day is our evening family bike ride.  Paul & I both look forward to it & I'm sure Nolin does as well! 

Nolin first experienced the bike months ago when Paul purchased her bike seat.  But at that time we didn't have a helmet, so it was just a quick ride.  In March we decided that it was time to try out the bike seat again.  Nolin was not fond of the helmet when we first put it on.  She was also not sure what to think about the ride.  She would just sit in her seat & not move a muscle! 

Now we ride daily & Nolin has become much more comfortable on the bike.  She gets excited when she sees her helmet.  She also just kicks back & relaxes in the seat.  She even props her feet up on Paul half the time!  Before long, we are going to have to strap those feet down.  :)

Some nights we even take Kai for a short ride with us.  He runs right along side the bike with me.  :)

I hope we continue to have wonderful weather so we can enjoy these family bike rides!!


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