Monday, March 26, 2012

Eleven Months

Nolin Leigh is eleven months old!  I cannot believe her first birthday is only a month away!

March 26, 2012 - Eleven Months Old
Nolin has yet to take her first steps yet!  I keep thinking it will be any day now!  She loves walking around with her walker & she turns & directs it now when she runs into something.  She also loves walking while holding our hands.  She is just not confident enough without both hands.  If you take one away, she will look up & reach for the other.  I think she is quite capable, but she just doesn't feel confident with it yet.  Any day now...  :)

Nolin climbs up & down stairs now like a crazy girl!  She was afraid of steps for a while, but one day she figured out how to step off sideways & now she cannot be stopped.  

Tooth #4 has finally broken through for Nolin.  I'm pretty sure there are several others there also, but they just haven't found their way through.  She now has her two bottom middle teeth & two on the top.  The first tooth she gained on the top was not a middle tooth - it was the tooth on the left of the middle teeth.  This fourth tooth that popped through was the left middle tooth.

Nolin is still eating like a pro.  She has begun to spit things out though, if she doesn't want it.  It is hard not to laugh, but I think we are teaching her bad things!  It started with water.  She would take a drink of water & then spread her lips out wide as water seeped out the sides of her mouth & down her chin.  She would drown herself in seconds!  Well, it didn't take long for her to do the same thing with food.  Luckily she doesn't do it very often, though.  She has gotten really good with her pincer grasp.  When she eats finger foods, she likes to have two handfuls.  Who doesn't?!  :)

Everything still goes in Nolin's mouth, regardless of what it is, so we are doing lots of vacuuming around here.  Speaking of the vacuum, Nolin does not like it!  She used to be okay with it, but now she will crawl away when I get it out.  I have to hold her most of the time when I vacuum now.  Hopefully she will grow out of this fear, though. 

Nolin is still signing more & milk.  She seems to constantly be signing milk when she is around me!  I think she understands other signs, but she just isn't using them yet, that we know of. 

Nolin loves talking!  The girl just babbles on!  She says hi to everyone when we are out in public.  It is so cute.  She opens her mouth & drops her jam real low & says a quick hi.  One morning when we woke up, Nolin rolled over in bed & threw her arm up at Paul & said, "Hi Daddy!"  It was great! She has also started saying, "No, no, no, no..." when I say "No, no" to her!  She looks at me & smiles while saying it!  It's cute now, but we'll see how long I think it's cute!  :)

One of my favorite things that she is doing a lot this month is crawling in my lap.  She loves to crawl in & out of mine & Paul's laps, especially when we're feeding her on the floor.  We also love her kisses.  Sometimes when we are holding her, Nolin will grab our face & turn it toward her for a kiss.  It melts my heart!

Kai & Nolin are becoming better friends every day.  I love the relationship that is developing between these two.  I wrote a post about it recently. 

One of my favorite firsts for Nolin this month was the baby swing!  She absolutely loved it!!

Nolin learned to crawl into her rocking chair this month.  She has been trying to climb in & out of things for a while now.  She finally mastered getting into the rocking chair.  She is a little dare devil.  She will stand up on her knees & rock.  Now she just needs to figure out how to turn around & sit down!  :)

Nolin also learned how to crawl in & out of her toy basket. It is one of her favorite places to sit.  She also likes to climb into the drawer in the kitchen & in cabinets & bookshelves.  The girl will find any hole she can. 

Nolin also started playing with her Bumbo.  She kept crawling in it & getting stuck.  But she kept on trying & finally figured out how to sit in it! 

I think we have a little monkey on our hands!  :)

Here are some other fun things Nolin is doing this month:
  • Her hair is getting long enough that it is starting to flip out over her ears!  It is still as blonde as can be, though!
  • She loves looking in people's pockets for things, especially phones. She also likes to check the pockets on bags too.
  • She loves rolling toys with wheels on the floor.  She has gotten really good at it.
  • She looks under the couch when she loses a toy.  She just lays her little head on the floor.  It is too sweet!
  • She tries to find holes to crawl through or around if I block her from something.  She is pretty clever.
  • She likes to eat toes - hers & mine!  I'm not sure why...
  • She has learned how to lift her legs out of her pants when we are taking her cloths off.  She has really become a pro at all the mechanics of changing clothes.  She even understands how diapers work.  I had a diaper laid out the other day & was getting ready to place her on it, but she crawled over & laid down herself.  
  • For a while Nolin was really good at taking things out of bags, drawers, etc.  Now she is starting to put things in.  This is nice - soon we can teach her to clean up!  :)
  • She loves opening & closing doors & drawers.  It can keep her occupied for hours!

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