Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Year Old

My baby girl is one year old!  Time really has flown by...

April 26th - One Year Old
Nolin took her first steps this month!  It was Saturday, April 7th, the day before Easter.  I wrote a post about it here if you would like to check it out.  Ever since that day, Nolin kept practicing & she is pretty much a full-time walker now!!

Before she started walking, Nolin started crawling on one knee & one foot.  It was the funniest thing!  She was really quick this way & I guess it was faster to pull up on things when she would crawl this way.

Nolin now has a mouth full of 6 teeth - 4 on the top & 2 on the bottom.  The last top tooth was a rough one coming in!  Lots of drooling, a runny nose, restless sleep, & more.  Maybe we will have a break for a month or so before more teeth try poking through. 

Nolin still loves to eat.  She eats just about anything!  Nolin has learned how to feed us now.  She loves giving food to Paul & me.  She is also learning how to give food to Kai!  She holds her dirty hands out while eating & he tries to lick them.  It's hard to get her not to do this - she thinks it is so funny!  Another bad meal time habit, is throwing things on the floor for Kai to eat!  Nolin thinks it is sooooo funny!  :)

This month Nolin started going through an attachment phase.  Anytime we go somewhere different, Nolin won't go to anyone else & she doesn't want to be put down at first.  If we hand her off or if we put her down, she cries so much.  It is the most pitiful little cry, like we are going to leave her.  :(  I can't say that Paul & I don't enjoy it a little bit, b/c she really cuddles up to us.  But, I hope she becomes an outgoing little girl again soon.

Nolin isn't signing consistently, but she does sometimes do the signs for "milk", "more", & "please".  Hopefully she will start using them regularly now to better communicate!

My girl still loves talking, but that's not surprising!  :)  Nolin just talks & carries on conversations.  I really wish I knew what she was saying!  We do know that she says: "Momma", "Dada", "Buhba", "Hi", "No", & "Dog".  This week she even started saying "Dacia", her babysitters name!  It is so funny to hear!

One of my favorite things that Nolin is doing this month is attacking her big bear with cuddles & kisses! She will throw him on the floor, give him a kiss, then lay on top of him & smile the biggest smile (then repeat).  It is sooooo sweet!  I wish I could get a good picture or video of it, but the lighting is never good. 

Last month I mentioned that Nolin is learning to put things "in" & not just taking them "out".  Well, she has become a pro.  Some of my favorites this month were when she put her pacifier in the toilet & when she put my mascara in the dirty diaper pail.  :)

Nolin took her first big girl bath in the great big tub by herself this month.  She didn't know what to do with all of the space! It didn't take long for her to love it though.  She stands & moves around in the tub.  She loves playing with the faucet cover. 

Kai & Nolin, of course, are best buddies!  These two play together every day.  He loves to bark & Nolin & she loves to laugh at him.  It won't be long until she is running after him!

Here are some other fun things Nolin is doing this month:
  • When standing/walking she will lean forward & pucker her lips like fish lips & hold her hand to her chest.  It kind of reminds me of the "Bend & Snap" from Legally Blonde!  LOL!  She makes the pucker/fish lips other times too.  I love them!  :)
  • She tries to brush my hair.  One day she just got my brush out of the drawer & then crawled over to me & started to "brush" my hair.  Since then, she has tried to brush Paul's hair & her own. 
  • She loves getting in & out of her new pink car.  She also loves opening & closing the door of it.  I think she could do it all day...
  • Speaking of her new car...she had her first wreck!  But all was okay with Nolin & the car!  :)
  • She knows where things go - she tries to put the dog collar on Kai & her Bumbo tray on her Bumbo (after bringing it all the way from the closet in the kitchen!).
  • She has started playing with her hair when I am putting her to sleep at night.  Sometimes she even plays with my hair.  :)
I can't believe my little girl is officially a toddler.  It is bitter-sweet!  I'm looking forward to the year ahead with her!  :)

**One year photo taken by Susan Warrell.


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